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It always seems a little unfair. Some women walk into a room and everyone turns to see. But it is not only looks we are looking at. Oh sure, that’s part of it. Beauty is beauty, after all, but there is something about a truly cool woman that is undeniable, yet undefinable. When you’re drawn to someone who just has... something, what exactly are you noticing? An aura, perhaps? A feeling? What is this mysterious quality?

Perhaps it is a scent. After all, smell is our strongest sense. Sometimes, even a subtle fragrance can provoke an acute reaction. It can alter our moods, and lift our spirits. The creators at Kérastase are acutely aware of the effect of a woman’s scent on anyone she may encounter.

We know that it is important to her sense of power, that her confidence is strengthened by the enjoyment of her own personal fragrance. Apart from her hair, it is her most powerful secret weapon.

A woman with great-smelling hair simply cannot be stopped.

This is one way a woman can become passionately attached to her hair care ritual, through her sense of smell. So much pleasure radiates from the olfactory experiences we choose to infuse into our being, to make a part of us. We work our preferred fragrance into the hair with great ceremony, and it comes along with us throughout the day, so we can continuously assert our own unique essence without ever saying a word. It is always there, wafting from beautiful, healthy hair like a halo, making it possible to move through the world with impeccable mystery and utter delight.

Scent of a Woman

Explore the unique fragrance of each hair care range, and find your secret weapon of seduction.


Fresh, exhilarating scents of fruit and flowery musk impart an uplifting mood boost.


Notes of lemon, wood and florals mellow the mood into a reverie of softness, perfect for daydreaming.

Elixir Ultime

Experience the ultimate olfactory comfort in a sensual blend of citrus, violet petals and sandalwood.


Citrus, lavender and white musk come together to enhance energy and support a sense of well-being.

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